I am Pakistani but my heart is Romanian….

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After I completed my studies, my parents started looking for a suitable guy to marry me. The struggle was quite real as its hard to find good people nowadays. My father is a very liberal and untraditonal pakistani man. He has always believed in his daughters & never care for what people says.

Two years back, I met Razvan ( a Romanian guy, A Gora yes!!!) in a social gathering who came on a posting in a multinational company at Islamabad. We were friends for about one year and one day he proposed me yayyyy!!! I was very happy as I knew that I will always be happy with this man. The only thing which was worrying us was the cultural & so many differences between us. His parents were so happy to know about me but I did not know how my family and relatives will react.

Anyhow with great courage I told my dad about him, he met him and liked him a lot but my mother reacted that why didn’t you tell me first ( hahaha a typical mom thing ). My mom was so worried that how our realtives will react but my father said as long as my daughter is happy I do not care for the people.

My in laws came from Romania to Pakistan and we had a pakistani wedding, Barat & Valima. Alhamdullilah I am so grateful to have such supportive parents.

I truely believe that marriages are made in heaven. I could never think that my life partner will come all the way from Romania to marry me. We have always heard of killing of women at the name of honour or fathers giving no choice to their daughters in selecting their life partner in Pakistan but all Pakistani men are not the same. My father who is so much Pakistani and Muslim gave full right to his daughter to select her life partner as our religion give this right to women as well and I am really proud of him and has not disappointed him.

So this how a Pakistani lady got married to a Romanian man.

Do remember us in your prayers.



2 thoughts on “I am Pakistani but my heart is Romanian….

  1. Stay blessed
    Nice to hear , if you are happy then what people say does not matter
    I have one my friend she is feom romania and she want to marry with me can uou guide me theprocess of visa how we can do
    If you give me your mobile number so i can call you for process please help me thanks


    • Thanks a lot for reading my blog & regarding visa you must consult the Romanian embassy in Islamabad. But in my opinion the lady should come to Pakistan to marry you then later on your visa can be processed. Hope it helps. Thanks


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