5 Brilliant Baby Items That Make Mom’s Life Easier

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Motherhood is difficult but there are some genius baby items to make motherhood easy. Although there are many items which made my life easy but I have shortlisted my top favourite items. Check out these items that will make your life much easier.

  • 1. MilkyMate Deluxe
  • This baby item is my top most favourite item, I do not know what I would have done without it. Being a first time mom I also had to go through postpartum depression & then on top my baby refused to take breastfeed. I had sleepless nights, sometimes even controlling the pee or poop because mommy has to hold the bottle and she is not allowed to go to toilet. Then from one lady who had triplets I came to know about this game changer Milkymate deluxe. Oh my God, it is so convenient, although it is more useful for twins or triplets moms but for me it did wonder, I could work around when the baby is drinking milk with the help of milkymate but of course I am keeping eye on him to not choke. It is made of 100 % organic cotton and suitable for baby’s skin.

  • 2. Totseat
  • Totseat is kind of travelling high chair which is very convenient for travelling and going around with in a city. I always keep it in the stroller basket. Whenever we stop at some cafe & they do not have high chair so I easily turn normal chair into high chair with the help of totseat. Thanks to the genius totseat producer.

  • 3. Mamas and Papas Snug Seat with Activity Tray
  • Mamas and papas snug seat is designed for babies to help them sit on their own. It really helped my baby to sit and activity tray keeps him busy while I am cooking especially the colors attract him. It actually gives extra hand to mom’s busy life. I started to use it when my baby was 4 months old & it really taught him to sit. I absolutely recommend this to mommas.

  • 4. Ingenuity Bouncer
  • If you ask my baby, his favourite item is Ingenuity Bouncer. Seems like it has some magic in it as whenever my baby was crying and I was putting him inside the bouncer, he immediately stopped crying. I think it is designed in a way that it soothes baby.

  • 5. Sleep sack
  • Being a first time mom, I did not know about many of the baby items. One night my baby started to cry and when I saw him, he was all covered with blanket, I panicked as I could not find his face, his face was all red, seems like he was suffocating. The next day I started to search for blanket alternatives & got familiar with sleep sacks.Since then I have been using sleeping sacks for my baby which is a life saver.

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