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Being an expat is exciting, but it comes with lots of sacrifices. One of them is you are away from your loved ones in your home country. I have relocated to two countries since I got married to an Expat. When I first moved I thought if we move after every two or three years, how many numbers, I will have to change and every time I will have to send my new number to my family/ friends. I would lose so many contacts & its such a hassle to send a message to your contact list about change in number. Following is the tips that I figured out and sharing with you:

Keep your Permanent Whatsapp Number:

Before moving from my home country, I decided that I will keep my whatsapp number permanent as nowadays most of the conversation is through whatsapp. So when we moved to UAE, I bought the UAE sim but did not put that number on whatsapp and on my whatsapp it was my home country number, so I did not have to do any efforts to inform everyone of my phone number. And whenever I visit my home country I use that sim for normal calls and cellular network.

But there was one problem in having different whatsapp number and mobile number. One was the friends I started to make in UAE, I had to separately give them my whatsapp number. The other major problem was when I had to buy or sell something, I had to give people my whatsapp number for sending location. But that problem is also solved which I found a way later on.

Dual Whatsapp Number:

If you have a Samsung Mobile Phone, then Yes! You can have dual whatsapp in your one mobile phone. There is a setting in your mobile which you need to change and you can have dual whatsapp. So in one whatsapp I kept my permenant mobile number and the dual I kept for every move which will keep changing.

Following is the pictorial description of how to have dual whtasapp in your Samsung mobile phone.

Hope that helps and when I moved to Austria, I gave my permanent whatsapp number to my UAE friends to stay in touch.

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