From The Safest City to the Best City

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Coming from the Safest City i.e. Abu dhabi to the Best City i.e. Vienna. . I cannot forget Abu dhabi as it will always hold a special place in my heart but I am falling in love with Vienna as well. . One of the reason I love Vienna is that I have started to lose my pregnancy weight 😂. People who are asking me about my postpartum weight loss, it is not because of any diet, it is because of the healthy lifestyle in Vienna ; Walk, Walk and Walk!!!! . Said goodbye to the luxuries in Abu Dhabi of driving my own car & embracing the lifestyle of Vienna by using public transport. . One tip for Expats : Do not get stuck in from where you come from and where you are right now otherwise you will suffer. Just live in the place where you are right now and enjoy & do not compare your life then and now. Every country has its own charm. . #expatlife #expatliving #livingabroad #expatfamily #expatblogger #moveabroad #expatwife #expat_mommi #instavienna #islamabadblogger #viennablogger #expatlifeinvienna #expatlifequote #embracingculture #expatconnect #discovertheworld #embracingdiversity #expatdiaries #expatexplore #viennastreetstyle #lifeinvienna🇦🇹 #tipsforexpats

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