My baby (Miki) started to travel in a plane when he was six weeks old. I am sharing some tips for flying with a baby from infant to 1 year old.

1. Wear your baby in a baby carrier. I have baby bjorn baby carrier which is suitable for the infants as it has perfect head support.

2. Book a bassinet & aisle seat.

3. Carry light weight hand bag with all the essentials for the baby ( clothes, diapers, pacifiers, hot water, formula milk, wipes)

4. While take off & landing breastfeed, feed with bottle or put pacifier in baby’s mouth otherwise due to ear pressure baby will cry like hell.

5. I invested in a travel stroller babyzen yoyo which is very convenient especially when I am travelling with Miki as you can take it inside the plane and quite a good option for transits and staying in queue for immigration.

6. When I am travelling alone with Miki, I take yoyo stroller & back pack with me as I its difficult to drag stroller and wheel bag at the same time alone.

7. Take enough food pouches for your baby. I use the ones by Hipp or Baby Love. I always travel in Emirates & they always give baby food which is Ella’s food pouches, Cow & Gate formula milk.

8. Take small toys to engage the baby during the flight or else Emirates do give some toy gifts to the babies. Or else engage with with some cartoons on the screen.

9. Take small walks in the plane with your baby especially if they are in crawling or walking stage.

I successfully did 13 hours flight with Miki from Vienna to Islamabad alone.

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