Tips for Road Tripping With Baby

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Planning a road trip with a baby seems intimidating but believe me the life does not stop when the baby arrives. It is always a good idea to travel as a family & enjoy those precious moments & the wild stuff that happened along the way.

We have never stopped travelling because of the baby and exploring the Europe together since we have moved to Vienna. We drove to 5 countries with our baby & the longest trip was of 11 hours.

I am sharing few tips for road tripping with the baby. So, next time if you want to travel with your baby, do not be reluctant & hopefully these tips will apply on your baby too.

1. Sit with the Baby

We do not leave our baby alone in the back seat. Until he was 6 months old he could stay alone in the back but now as he is growing, he is naughtier & wants more attention. Normally, my husband is driving, and I am sitting in the back with my baby. In the longer trips, it is better if someone stays with the baby in the back.

2. Start the Trip in Early Morning

We start our trip early in the morning like at least 2 or 3 hours before the baby wakes up. So eventually on that day we wake him up before time, so when we put him in the car, he sleeps for at least 2 hours during the trip. This trick is really very convenient & successful for us at least.

3. Take breaks

Breaks are the major parts of our road trips. Sometimes, it is a diaper change break, either baby cries to come outside the car seat or a meal break. Anyhow, it is recommended that the babies should not stay in the car seat for more than 2 hours so taking breaks is really important.

4. Keep Supplies

I keep supplies of food, bottles, diapers, water wipes, extra clothes, the other necessary baby stuff near to me to have easy access. You are lucky, if your baby loves pacifiers as you are saved from tantrums during the trip. In our case, pacifier is the best friend of our baby.

5. Engage your baby

Keeping your baby engaged in different activities during the trip are essential part of the road trip. Especially in the longer trips, baby needs some activities so better to take enough & favourite toys of the baby with you.

I engage him with reading books & pointing on the pictures & tell him what it is. Sometimes, I sing his favourite rhymes & he is dancing on it.

Sometimes Daddy is playing songs in the car, so mommy & baby has to dance on it as baby just loves music & dance.

Last but not least, which I avoid doing most of the time, I put his favourite Cocomelon on my mobile to watch. I do avoid the interaction of gadgets with the kids but that’s the last thing option I have when he is uncontrollable.

Have a nice trip with your baby & cherish those precious moments!

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