A Typical Day in the Life of a Mom and Toddler

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Gone are the days when my life’s only purpose was to change the dirty diapers & feeding the new-born baby. It’s because my little one is 13 months old. Woohooo! Welcome to the toddlerhood.

Here is the glimpse of a typical day at The Malins which normally starts at 6 am.

6 am: I wake up at around 6 am to make the bottle for my child. He drinks fresh cow milk (150 ml) in a glass bottle by Babylove. After feeding him we both again go back to sleep.

7:30 am: Good Morning Folks! It’s time for the Malins to get up. We wash our hands and face, brush our teeth & I change the diaper. My little one has his fruit breakfast with Daddy. By fruits breakfast I mean, my little one eats banana or any other seasonal fruit.

8:30 am: Daddy goes to work & then our typical day starts. Now It’s time for the real breakfast ( desi ghee paratha, scrambled eggs with cheese or corn flakes with milk) After giving him breakfast, I do 15 minutes work out from Youtube. Then, I put clothes for washing in the washing machine.

10 am: After workout, it’s time for me to have my morning coffee. And while having coffee we do video call with my family, back home and then I have my breakfast.

11:30 am: I wait for my little one to do his poop, once he does it, I take him straight to the washroom for bath. He likes to play in the bath which he does. Then I put him nice clothes, body lotion, diaper.

12:30 pm: After taking shower, my little one sleeps. In that time, I try to finish few things like taking shower myself, praying, arranging my bed, writing blogs or updating my Instagram.

2 pm: My little one wakes up around this time & he has his lunch. For lunch, Everyday is a different menu. Sometimes its spaghetti, shepherd pie, rice with yogurt, boiled vegetables, kabab, roasted chicken and the list go on. I have trained him to eat himself and he is quite good in it. I also have my lunch with him.

3 pm: It’s time to run the errands, I unload the dishwasher & start loading it with other dishes. After doing this, It’s time to vacuum the house. My little one loves vacuum cleaner, so he follows me everywhere with the machine.

4 pm: We go to the indoor play area as It’s winters. Normally in Summers we used to go to the outdoor parks for the swings. It’s a good walk for me & on the way back, I do some groceries. I take his strawberry milkshake with me which he drinks on the way.

6 pm : It’s time for making dinner. While I am cooking my little one either plays with his toys or watch his Cocomelon on TV. After I am done with cooking, I read him story book or I play or dance a bit with him or some cuddles. That is mommy & son time moment.

7 pm: Now It’s time for my little one to have his dinner. If daddy comes home early we have dinner together. If daddy is at home, he plays with our little one.

8 pm: It’s time for quick shower for my little one. At most 8:30, I put my little one to sleep after having milk (150 ml). He sleeps in his own room in the crib.

9 pm: In this time, I clean the kitchen, load the dishwasher & have some chit chat with my husband.

10 pm: It’s time for some self care, like putting night cream on face & shea butter on hands & feet. After this, I just go to bed & sleep like a drunk person.

Start over again!

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