Travel Tips for Visiting Venice

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Nothing to wine about in Venice!

What comes to your mind when you think of Venice? Water, Canals, Boats, Repeat!

We decided to visit Venice during the Christmas holidays as the climate was warmer there then Vienna. Venice is 6 hours drive from Vienna.

1. Where to stay in Venice?

Staying in one of the hotels in Venice is very expensive & for us main issue was parking the car. There is a parking garage but it is a bit expensive (30 euros per 24 hours) in my opinion. So we booked a very nice airbnb in a metropolitan town Mestre which is 9.5 kms away from Venice. You can commute there to Venice by public bus or train. Our airbnb was half the price of the hotels in Venice so it was quite much of a saving with free parking.

2. Places to visit in Venice

St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Biscillilca

Rialto Bridge


3. How to commute with in Venice?

You can either walk through the canals which is like 7 to 8 kms walk so do wear comfortable shoes. Other means of commute is water taxi, water buses or gondola.

4. Gondola Ride Tips

In my opinion gondola ride is terribly expensive 80 euros for 30 minutes round in day time & 100 euros during the night. The prices are fixed and you cannot negotiate. If you really want to have this experience, you might find someone to share with you the ride & price as it accommodates 6 people.

5. Tourist Season

Tourist season is from July to August & it really gets over crowded & my husband had been there in the summers & you do feel the smell of water. Even now from some places there was a damped smell. And February is also a tourist season beacause of Carnival.

6. If Venice is Stroller Friendly?

Venice is not a stroller friendly place. If you are going there with a child, take light stroller as you will have to carry it while crossing the canal’s steps or wear your baby. The other option is water taxi & water buses (20 euros day pass).

Will be sharing some more tips from our Italy trip. Stay tuned.

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