Easy and Healthy Food Recipes for Toddlers

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Purrees make life easier when they are babies, when they enter into toddlerhood, they become more and more picky. My child does not like to eat eggs so I have to try some recipes which include eggs, for example french toast (without sugar) or scrambled eggs with mozarella cheese.

Following are the easy & healthy recipes for toddlers:

1. Brocolli Fritters


    1 cup brocolli
    2 tablespoon flour
    1 egg
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    2 ounce Parmesan & Chedder cheese, grated
    2 tablespoon olive oil


    Steam broccoli & cut into very small pieces.
    Add broccoli, egg, salt & cheese; gently mix it.
    Heat oil in a pan. Drop balls of broccoli mixture into hot oil, flattening with a spatula. Cook both sides until crispy.

2. Mini Quiche Cups

Click here for the Recipe

3. Rasberry yogurt

Click here for the Recipe

4. Shepherd Pie

Click here for the Recipe

5. Protein Pancakes

Click here for the Recipe

6. Pizza Frittata

Click here for the Recipe

7. Egg & Potato Breakfast Muffin

Click here for the Recipe

8. Strawberry Gingerbread Pancake Cupcakes

Click here for the Recipe

9. Banana Overnight Oats

Click here for the Recipe

10. Banana Pancakes

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Travel Tips for Visiting Venice

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Nothing to wine about in Venice!

What comes to your mind when you think of Venice? Water, Canals, Boats, Repeat!

We decided to visit Venice during the Christmas holidays as the climate was warmer there then Vienna. Venice is 6 hours drive from Vienna.

1. Where to stay in Venice?

Staying in one of the hotels in Venice is very expensive & for us main issue was parking the car. There is a parking garage but it is a bit expensive (30 euros per 24 hours) in my opinion. So we booked a very nice airbnb in a metropolitan town Mestre which is 9.5 kms away from Venice. You can commute there to Venice by public bus or train. Our airbnb was half the price of the hotels in Venice so it was quite much of a saving with free parking.

2. Places to visit in Venice

St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Biscillilca

Rialto Bridge


3. How to commute with in Venice?

You can either walk through the canals which is like 7 to 8 kms walk so do wear comfortable shoes. Other means of commute is water taxi, water buses or gondola.

4. Gondola Ride Tips

In my opinion gondola ride is terribly expensive 80 euros for 30 minutes round in day time & 100 euros during the night. The prices are fixed and you cannot negotiate. If you really want to have this experience, you might find someone to share with you the ride & price as it accommodates 6 people.

5. Tourist Season

Tourist season is from July to August & it really gets over crowded & my husband had been there in the summers & you do feel the smell of water. Even now from some places there was a damped smell. And February is also a tourist season beacause of Carnival.

6. If Venice is Stroller Friendly?

Venice is not a stroller friendly place. If you are going there with a child, take light stroller as you will have to carry it while crossing the canal’s steps or wear your baby. The other option is water taxi & water buses (20 euros day pass).

Will be sharing some more tips from our Italy trip. Stay tuned.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Mom and Toddler

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Gone are the days when my life’s only purpose was to change the dirty diapers & feeding the new-born baby. It’s because my little one is 13 months old. Woohooo! Welcome to the toddlerhood.

Here is the glimpse of a typical day at The Malins which normally starts at 6 am.

6 am: I wake up at around 6 am to make the bottle for my child. He drinks fresh cow milk (150 ml) in a glass bottle by Babylove. After feeding him we both again go back to sleep.

7:30 am: Good Morning Folks! It’s time for the Malins to get up. We wash our hands and face, brush our teeth & I change the diaper. My little one has his fruit breakfast with Daddy. By fruits breakfast I mean, my little one eats banana or any other seasonal fruit.

8:30 am: Daddy goes to work & then our typical day starts. Now It’s time for the real breakfast ( desi ghee paratha, scrambled eggs with cheese or corn flakes with milk) After giving him breakfast, I do 15 minutes work out from Youtube. Then, I put clothes for washing in the washing machine.

10 am: After workout, it’s time for me to have my morning coffee. And while having coffee we do video call with my family, back home and then I have my breakfast.

11:30 am: I wait for my little one to do his poop, once he does it, I take him straight to the washroom for bath. He likes to play in the bath which he does. Then I put him nice clothes, body lotion, diaper.

12:30 pm: After taking shower, my little one sleeps. In that time, I try to finish few things like taking shower myself, praying, arranging my bed, writing blogs or updating my Instagram.

2 pm: My little one wakes up around this time & he has his lunch. For lunch, Everyday is a different menu. Sometimes its spaghetti, shepherd pie, rice with yogurt, boiled vegetables, kabab, roasted chicken and the list go on. I have trained him to eat himself and he is quite good in it. I also have my lunch with him.

3 pm: It’s time to run the errands, I unload the dishwasher & start loading it with other dishes. After doing this, It’s time to vacuum the house. My little one loves vacuum cleaner, so he follows me everywhere with the machine.

4 pm: We go to the indoor play area as It’s winters. Normally in Summers we used to go to the outdoor parks for the swings. It’s a good walk for me & on the way back, I do some groceries. I take his strawberry milkshake with me which he drinks on the way.

6 pm : It’s time for making dinner. While I am cooking my little one either plays with his toys or watch his Cocomelon on TV. After I am done with cooking, I read him story book or I play or dance a bit with him or some cuddles. That is mommy & son time moment.

7 pm: Now It’s time for my little one to have his dinner. If daddy comes home early we have dinner together. If daddy is at home, he plays with our little one.

8 pm: It’s time for quick shower for my little one. At most 8:30, I put my little one to sleep after having milk (150 ml). He sleeps in his own room in the crib.

9 pm: In this time, I clean the kitchen, load the dishwasher & have some chit chat with my husband.

10 pm: It’s time for some self care, like putting night cream on face & shea butter on hands & feet. After this, I just go to bed & sleep like a drunk person.

Start over again!

Tips for Road Tripping With Baby

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Planning a road trip with a baby seems intimidating but believe me the life does not stop when the baby arrives. It is always a good idea to travel as a family & enjoy those precious moments & the wild stuff that happened along the way.

We have never stopped travelling because of the baby and exploring the Europe together since we have moved to Vienna. We drove to 5 countries with our baby & the longest trip was of 11 hours.

I am sharing few tips for road tripping with the baby. So, next time if you want to travel with your baby, do not be reluctant & hopefully these tips will apply on your baby too.

1. Sit with the Baby

We do not leave our baby alone in the back seat. Until he was 6 months old he could stay alone in the back but now as he is growing, he is naughtier & wants more attention. Normally, my husband is driving, and I am sitting in the back with my baby. In the longer trips, it is better if someone stays with the baby in the back.

2. Start the Trip in Early Morning

We start our trip early in the morning like at least 2 or 3 hours before the baby wakes up. So eventually on that day we wake him up before time, so when we put him in the car, he sleeps for at least 2 hours during the trip. This trick is really very convenient & successful for us at least.

3. Take breaks

Breaks are the major parts of our road trips. Sometimes, it is a diaper change break, either baby cries to come outside the car seat or a meal break. Anyhow, it is recommended that the babies should not stay in the car seat for more than 2 hours so taking breaks is really important.

4. Keep Supplies

I keep supplies of food, bottles, diapers, water wipes, extra clothes, the other necessary baby stuff near to me to have easy access. You are lucky, if your baby loves pacifiers as you are saved from tantrums during the trip. In our case, pacifier is the best friend of our baby.

5. Engage your baby

Keeping your baby engaged in different activities during the trip are essential part of the road trip. Especially in the longer trips, baby needs some activities so better to take enough & favourite toys of the baby with you.

I engage him with reading books & pointing on the pictures & tell him what it is. Sometimes, I sing his favourite rhymes & he is dancing on it.

Sometimes Daddy is playing songs in the car, so mommy & baby has to dance on it as baby just loves music & dance.

Last but not least, which I avoid doing most of the time, I put his favourite Cocomelon on my mobile to watch. I do avoid the interaction of gadgets with the kids but that’s the last thing option I have when he is uncontrollable.

Have a nice trip with your baby & cherish those precious moments!

Tips for Flying with a Baby

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My baby (Miki) started to travel in a plane when he was six weeks old. I am sharing some tips for flying with a baby from infant to 1 year old.

1. Wear your baby in a baby carrier. I have baby bjorn baby carrier which is suitable for the infants as it has perfect head support.

2. Book a bassinet & aisle seat.

3. Carry light weight hand bag with all the essentials for the baby ( clothes, diapers, pacifiers, hot water, formula milk, wipes)

4. While take off & landing breastfeed, feed with bottle or put pacifier in baby’s mouth otherwise due to ear pressure baby will cry like hell.

5. I invested in a travel stroller babyzen yoyo which is very convenient especially when I am travelling with Miki as you can take it inside the plane and quite a good option for transits and staying in queue for immigration.

6. When I am travelling alone with Miki, I take yoyo stroller & back pack with me as I its difficult to drag stroller and wheel bag at the same time alone.

7. Take enough food pouches for your baby. I use the ones by Hipp or Baby Love. I always travel in Emirates & they always give baby food which is Ella’s food pouches, Cow & Gate formula milk.

8. Take small toys to engage the baby during the flight or else Emirates do give some toy gifts to the babies. Or else engage with with some cartoons on the screen.

9. Take small walks in the plane with your baby especially if they are in crawling or walking stage.

I successfully did 13 hours flight with Miki from Vienna to Islamabad alone.

Natural Teethers for the Babies

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Ouff teething is the most difficult phase for the babies & parents both. I am sharing some natural teethers for the babies which does wonder.

Corn on the Cob:

  • My baby’s favourite teether is corn on the cob. He just loves eating it and it really gives him relief from the pain.
  • Cucumber Rings:

  • Cut the cucumber into rings and take out the middle portions, my baby loves these rings and he keeps on chewing on it like it is a silicon teether.
  • Frozen Fruits in Food Feeder:

  • Put some frozen banana, mango or whatever your baby likes in the food feeder and let the baby chew. My baby used to like this when he was around 5 months old now.
  • Homemade Fruits Icecream:

  • This icecream is made by adding formula milk, strawberry puree in a blender ( you can add any fruit, my baby likes strawberry more) and then freeze it in a small tub or popsicle.
  • Wash Cloth:

  • Soak wash cloth in cold water and then freeze it for a while. Chewing this cloth gives relief to the gums.
  • Gums Massage:
  • Gently massage the gums of your baby, especially before sleeping, otherwise they cry with pain in the night.
  • Chamomile Tea:
  • My baby just loves this tea. Chamomile tea also reduces the pain in gums. I will highly recommend it at least once a day.
  • Fingers of the Parents:
  • Here comes the favourite part of baby. He just loves biting our fingers. So once or twice a day we offer our finger to our little one. You can offer this to your baby if you can bear the pain.
  • Baby Meal Plan – 6 to 12 Months

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    Disclaimer: I am not a Certified Dietician or Nutritionist. In case of any allergy, please consult Medical Advice.

    So lets start a bit before 6 months Meal Plan. When my baby turned 4 months, he started to wean but as per doctor’s instruction, no food before 6 months. I also read one research that if your baby’s birth weight is double before 6 months & weighs at least 13 pounds, he can start eating. My baby’s birth weight doubled at 4 months but I was still a bit scared to introduce him food. So At 5 months I started to give him Hipp Organic Cereals for 4 months in a bottle with nipple especially for cereals once a day.

    6 to 9 Months Meal Plan

    I was a bit scared of choking so I introduced him solids with the help of Munchkin food feeder. I was putting a chunk of fruit like banana or apple & he used to suck the pulp out of the net. It gave him relief for teething itching also.


    • Option 1: Oatmeal cereals
    • Option 2: Fruits Puree ( strawberry, peach, banana or whatever your baby likes)
    • Option 3: Soft Scrambled eggs

    And Formula Milk or Breastfeed after every 4 hours


    • Option 1: Boiled Vegetable puree ( Carrots, Broccoli, green beans)
    • Option 2: Unsweetened Yougurt
    • Option 3: Pastrurised cheese

    Evening Snack:

    • Option 1: Hipp Cereals with small chunks of fruits which I add myself
    • Option 2: I give him small piece of fruit ( Mango or Apple) to suck which him relief from teething


    • Option 1: Boiled semolina puree
    • Option 2: Mashed Potatoes
    • Option 3: Small pieces of Bread or a bit of boiled rice

    From 7 to 9 months I was making the fruits/ vegetable puree a bit more thicker each month. Also I added shreeded boiled meat in lunch or dinner after 7 months. And few sips of water with every meal.

    9 to 12 Months Meal Plan

    Now it’s time for finger food, I started finger food at 9 months.


    • Option 1: Oatmeal or corn Cereals
    • Option 2: Scarmbled or hard boiled eggs
    • Option 3: Pasturized Cheese

    2 teaspoons of peanut butter daily


    • Option 1: Shredded boiled meat
    • Option 2: Vegetables ( finger cutting)
    • Option 3: Pasta with cheese

    Evening Snack:

    Option 1: Cucumber rings or yogurt with chunks of fruits in it


    • Option 1: Small pieces of bread with meat
    • Option 2: Rice with vegetable curry
    • Option 3: Baked potatoes

    Since 9 months I let my son eats his food himself on his high chair. It creates a bit of mess but he is learning to eat himself. Most of the times he eats the same food which we are eating but not spicy.